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I am so excited to chat with you! I'm available Monday - Thursday 9 am to 5pm. For direct inquiries, please email me at darryon@fromthedaughter.com Available by phone with appointment.

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What is Showit 5? A drag and drop web design platform. It's everything, find out more here. P.S. No coding, you're welcome.

How long does this process take? - It can take up to 8 weeks depending on what services you choose.

How does payment work? - For Brand & Web Design 50& of the entire investment is paid before we begin your project. Then 25% is due after the branding process, and the remaining 25% due at the end of our project.

Do you provide other servives besides brand & web design? - I do! I offer logo design, copywriting, and brand consultation. Email me for further details.

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