Lover of high-end magazines, classy fonts, and chinese takeout. Meet Darryon, the girl behind the screen. From The Daughter is a brand & web design company that partners with entrepreneurs to create iconic brands. Her passion for painting fashion illustration led her to design over a year ago. She plans to continue this journey with her amazing clients and a macchiato by her side.
She loves the Lord with all her heart and enjoys being a co-owner with Him of From The Daughter. Behind the scenes she works from home in Austin, Texas while raising her 5 year old son along side her husband. Follow along on Instagram to know more about Darryon & her life behind the scenes.

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I have a thing for fonts and story telling. When partnered with each other, they make for a great brand experience. When it comes down to it, branding is just a story you're telling to one specific people group (AKA: your ideal client) I love working with entrepreneurs to tell the story they want to tell through branding and follow it through in action in the web design process. 
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drinking anything out of a wine glass, except wine.

dreaming of new york city & living in manhattan

decorating with obnoxious amounts of marble

making lists and more lists

being way too loud, no matter where I am



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nude lips


serif fonts

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